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Comet McNaught. The solar system with the naked eye

Comet McNaught. The solar system with the naked eye

This is an image of the McNaught comet taken in January 2007, when it reached its maximum brightness and became visible to the naked eye. The McNaught is the brightest comet that has visited us in the last four decades. With a magnitude of up to -5.5, it could be observed even in broad daylight. Its bright greenish core and its long bluish tail were seen from all over the world.

The McNaught will remain visible from latitudes increasingly south. Also from the northern hemisphere for some time, but only during the hours near sunrise and sunset, and only with a telescope.

It was discovered by Robert McNaught in 2006, within the international program for the search for possible objects that could collide with the Earth. It comes, like most comets, from the Oort Cloud and traces a rare orbit.

Follow your path to the inner Solar System and you will not visit us again.

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