The Renaissance of Astronomy

The Renaissance of Astronomy

Astronomy took a drastic turn in the 16th century. The geocentric theory was replaced by the heliocentric system, with the Sun in the center. The invention of the telescope allowed much more precise observations that corroborated this new theory.

The cultural and scientific renaissance accelerated the changes and there were many important discoveries. The long medieval lethargy is over. The new astronomers used increasingly better instruments, applied scientific methods and, above all, they could spread their studies thanks to the diffusion of the printing press.

Renaissance astronomers discovered how the Solar System works, described the orbits of the planets, analyzed the light, knew deep space, observed the stars, ... Astronomy advanced as never before.

This period is full of illustrious names. Here we present some of the most relevant.

In this chapter:

Nicolás Copernicus and heliocentric theory: Nicolaus Copernicus is considered the founder of modern astronomy… Read page Tycho Brahe and the measures of the sky: Tycho Brahe has been considered as the greatest observer of the period before… Read page Giordano Bruno, martyr of heliocentric ideas: Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) was an Italian Renaissance philosopher and poet ... Read pageGalileo and the telescope: the new astronomy: Galileo is a fundamental character in the scientific and cultural revolution that ... Read page Kepler and the orbits of the planets: Johannes Kepler was a mathematician and astronomer, a key figure in the scientific revolution by… Read page Christopher Scheiner and sunspots: Christopher Scheiner was born in Wald, near Mindelheim, in Swabia, on July 25, 1575… Read page René Descartes , "I think, then I exist": Descartes was a French philosopher, mathematician and physicist. He is considered the father of the… Read page Giovanni Battista Hodierna and deep space: Giovanni Battista Hodierna was born on April 13, 1597 in Ragusa, Sicily… Read page Johannes Hevelius and stellar positions: Johannes Hevelius was born on January 28, 1611 in Gdansk, Poland… Read page Cassini, Saturn and the distances in the Solar System: Cassini was a famous Renaissance astronomer whose name is linked… Read page Christian Huygens and the wave theory of light: Christian Huygens was a Dutch physicist and astronomer who performed great … Read page